Refense VR

Built around the Refense VR Platform and a range of extension modules, our VR training system offers complete customization to suit your specific needs. Whether you're a police officer or a military service member, you'll have the opportunity to design an individualized training program that fits your unique requirements.

Refense VR System

The VR Platform to Build Upon

The Refense VR system is designed as a modular training simulation platform. It consists of three major elements: The training simulation field, the VR equipment and the Instuctor Panel, from which the training software can be controlled.

1. Training Field

Our training field is specifically designed for use in your training facility. The system includes tracking cameras that are mounted on a stage truss surrounding the field. These cameras capture the movements of participants and transmit them into the virtual training world, providing a realistic and immersive training experience.

Refense VR Training Field
Refense VR VR Equiptment

2. VR Equipment

After setting up the training field, participants can enter the virtual training scenario with our specially designed VR equipment. Our full-body VR kit includes a VR headset and tracking sensors for the hands and feet. With this setup, up to 16 participants can participate in a training scenario simultaneously, providing a comprehensive and interactive training experience.

3. Instructor Panel

To maximize the potential of the Refense VR platform, the training scenario is controlled from the instructor panel. This allows instructors to initiate a range of standardized training scenarios designed to challenge participants. Additionally, the Instructor Panel records all training movements, providing an easy-to-use after-action review feature for optimal training evaluation.

Refense VR Instructor Panel

Refense VR

V 2.0

and Its Evolution

Our customers continue to play a crucial role in shaping the development of the Refense VR platform. We remain committed to a customer-focused development approach, which allows us to draw on the valuable insights of our end users and prioritize their needs in all aspects of our product development. This approach has enabled us to refine every aspect of the system, resulting in a training solution that delivers unparalleled training experiences.

Extension Modules

to Improve Performance

To meet the ever-evolving training needs of our military and law enforcement clients, the Refense VR platform has been designed with a modular expansion framework. This decision was made based on feedback from our clients, who sought the ability to customize and upgrade their Refense systems to fit their unique training requirements. This ensures an investment protection for our clients in the fast evolving world of technology. As a result, a range of expansion modules in hardware, software, and services have been developed, enabling Refense VR platform owners to tailor their systems to their specific needs and achieve maximum training effectiveness.