Research & Development

Develop the Refense Training System according to your field of application together with our experienced development team.

The Refense VR system provides clients with the ability to request customization and development projects to meet their specific needs. These projects range from the integration of specialized tools and weapons, to the creation of unique scenarios and the development of new training methods.

  • Integration projects may include weapons, special operations equipment, medical supplies, and rescue gear to make training as realistic as possible.
  • Scenario projects allow clients to work with scenario design specialists to develop training scenarios tailored to their specific requirements, using data collected from real-life training situations.
  • Finally, Refense is experienced in research projects, having worked on large-scale European and national projects such as the Med1stMR project, funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 framework, and partnering with various European universities to advance research in the field of VR
The Refense VR platform offers virtually limitless possibilities for expansion and further development according to your specific needs.