Response Equipment

Integrate firearms and tactical equipment of all kinds into your training scenarios.

In the world of virtual reality training, the integration of real objects is referred to as mixed reality objects. By incorporating these objects, personnel can perform realistic procedures on physical objects to experience the effects of their actions in a virtual environment. It is critical that these objects behave authentically, creating feedback for the user such as the recoil of a weapon or the pulse of a person being examined, just as they would in the real world.

The Refense VR training system offers three types of mixed reality objects, each with a wide range of variants.

  • Tools, such as bags with tools, chisels, stethoscopes, and fire extinguishers
  • Weapons, including pistol with holster, submachine guns and assault rifles
  • and individual objects such as pepper sprays, less-lethal weapons (CEW), and batons.

Thanks to the platform-based development of the system, new objects can be constantly added or renewed to the Refense VR training system, ensuring ongoing improvement and relevance to evolving needs.

The best weapon is yours: we integrate your response equipment for use in virtual reality training.