Solutions for Professionals

At Refense, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering reliable VR training solutions to professionals who operate in hazardous and high-risk environments. We aim to provide a sustainable impact that will benefit the esteemed individuals, organizations, and institutions that we are privileged to serve. With our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise, we stand ready to help you optimize your training programs and develop the skills needed to achieve mission success.

Refense VR Solutions for Professionals

Defending Your Responsiveness

Responsiveness is the ability to make the right decisions under pressure.  Such decisions in an operational context can often result in fatal consequences.

This makes responsiveness a key success factor for duties and deployments in high-risk environments.


Training responsiveness is challenging, and there are only a few effective ways to do so. One approach is to conduct frequent operational training in realistic conditions. However, these exercises can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, and there is a risk of long-term training injuries.

Additionally, even with elaborate training scenarios, there are limitations to what can be achieved in training facilities, which may lead to a lack of realism.


Refense's VR training system was born out of the challenges faced by professionals working in high-risk environments. It offers a compact training simulation solution that eliminates the need for time- and resource-intensive preparation and reduces the risk of injury. The system employs a combination of virtual reality equipment and innovative training software to create an immersive training experience that closely mirrors real-world scenarios.

By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, trainees can develop the skills and responsiveness needed to perform their duties safely and effectively.


While classic drill training remains an essential component of training for professionals working in high-risk environments, VR training represents the cutting-edge of technical, tactical, and mental training for individuals and teams. As the field of VR technology continues to evolve, the potential for even greater advances in efficiency and effectiveness is vast.

By leveraging the latest VR tools and techniques, we can help you achieve the highest levels of skill and responsiveness, while minimizing the risks and resource demands of traditional training methods.

Finding the Right Solution for You

Only you know exactly what challenges you have to master within the scope of your duties and deployments. And our team is happy to help you create an individual solution for you. But to make it easier for you to navigate and choose a suitable solution, we have joined forces with partners and existing clients to develop three main configurations with different purposes. Those are Ready, Response and React.

Become Ready for Uncertainty

This solution is aimed at entry-level users who want to improve the operational safety of their teams in stressful situations. The basic function of «Ready» offers numerous possibilities to dive into uncertain and stressful situations in order to learn how to cope with them better.

Designed to train
  • Mass casualty incidents
  • First and Second Triage Procedures
  • Team Communication and Coordination
  • Medical Procedures
Refense Ready for Paramedics

Respond Adequately

The 'Respond' solution has been developed to meet the unique requirements of law enforcement professionals. Our modules provide training in a range of basic to advanced situations to develop adaptive response behaviors. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we stand ready to help you optimize your training programs and ensure that your officers are prepared for any situation they may face in the line of duty.

Designed to train
  • Individual and Team Movement
  • Communication and Negotiation under Stress
  • Live-Threatening Situations
  • Close Quarter Combat (CQC)
  • Hostage Situations
  • Counter Terrorism Training
Refense Respond for Law Enforcement Professionals

React under Pressure

«React» has been developed for tactical preparation of high-risk situations and missions in various battlefield settings – mostly urban and in context with non-combatants. It is primarily aimed at special operations forces who want to prepare quickly and realistically for a specific mission goals or strive for tactical excellence.

Designed to train
  • Interventions in Urban Areas
  • Close-Quarter-Battle (CQB)
  • Confrontation with Non-Combatants
  • Reconstruction of Real Scenarios (pre or post)
  • High Escalation Protection and Security
  • Counter Terrorism Training
  • Exfiltration Training
Refense React for Special Forces

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How does VR-Training Impact Performance?

Train Efficiently

Local VR training facilities enable training without travelling. Setting up scenarios can be done with a few clicks while trainees can get into VR training gear without extensive equipment modifications.

Improve Systematically

The comprehensive tracking of movement, behaviour, communication and vital signs - of the individual, in the group, and in the context - enables targeted training suggestion. Identify how to improve teams, tactics and toughness while measuring the training success of all participants on an ongoing basis.

Learn Effectively

«Train as you fight» is the most effective learning technique in the context of any high-risk situation.

Anticipate Stress

Simulate stress situautions and learn how to cope with it due to a high level of immersion in VR.

Gain Experience

Faster, easier and focused training increases the training opportunities and thus boosts experience.