After Action Review

Learn to improve individual and team performance through detailed record-based debriefing.

The term After Action Review refers to a debriefing process used after training sessions in which the entire session is analyzed and discussed from various perspectives. Normally, a simple training session lasts between 12 and 25 minutes, followed by a 15-minute debriefing to review critical situations together with the team and to learn from them. The instructor walks the officers through the training session step by step using the replay function of the Refense VR System including multiple viewpoints and features:

  • Point-Of-View: The perspective of all officers and role players.
  • Top-View: A bird's-eye view of the entire scenario, with cone of vision and direction of aiming.
  • Free-View: The possibility to freely choose the camera perspective and to move like a participant of the training.

All After Action Reviews can be saved and shared with other instructors for assessment and documentation of progress.

A detailed After Action Review relentlessly shows individual and team performance for effective and efficient learning.