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Refense helps law enforcement officers, paramedics, and special forces personnel to prepare for high-risk situations. With Refense, these professionals can improve their responsiveness in stress scenarios by using virtual reality technology, leading to a higher level of safety and performance in the real world. Through simulated experiences of high-pressure situations, individuals undergoing advanced training can attain an elevated level of proficiency and effectiveness.

Solutions to Increase Your Responsiveness


While standard first aid training provides valuable knowledge, virtual reality training is essential for fully preparing medical first responders for the stress and uncertainties of real-life situations. Our immersive scenarios build critical thinking and decision-making skills, enabling successful responses to high-pressure emergencies such as natural disasters, mass-casualty incidents, and complex emergencies.

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Paramedic VR Solution
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Police assignments are changing at an incredible pace. Adaptive responsiveness is the key to success, from many perspectives:

  • Law Enforcement Procedures
  • Societal Police Perception
  • Tactical Training

VR training provides the solution to prepare for these challenges efficiently and effectively.

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Police VR Solution
Explore our Police Solutions

Special Forces

For situations with a high degree of tension, such as close quarter battle (CQB), high-risk house searches, hostage rescues or covert commando operations, it is essential to develop and train adaptive strategies and tactics.

Refense VR offers exactly these possibilities and supports preparation for missions in high-risk scenarios and helps teams to improve their effectiveness.

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Special Forces VR Solution
Explore our Special Forces Solutions

VR-Training System

The Refense Virtual Reality Training System is a highly customizable platform designed to meet the unique requirements of your organization or institution. Our comprehensive setup enables seamless coordination and team-based training within a virtual world. Our platform can be continuously expanded with cutting-edge equipment and advanced features to accommodate larger teams and more complex scenarios, ensuring that it grows alongside your organization's training needs.

Virtual Reality Platform

Refense VR

Full-Body Wireless VR Gear
Motion Tracking Training Field
Scenario Control Center
VR Training Field Visualisualisation

Expansion Modules / Objects


Response Equipment
Powerful Pain Stimulus
Vital Data Tracking Options


After Action Review
Real-Time Scenario Control
Enhanced Level Editor


Instructor Training
24/7 Service Agreement
Customized Development

In addition to our wide range of standard modules and field-proven mixed reality objects, Refense takes pride in developing bespoke solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each of our clients. Trust us to deliver a training experience that is unmatched in its realism, effectiveness, and efficiency, with the flexibility to meet the needs of organizations of any size.

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