Scenario Control

Control the life training actively or with the help of artificial intelligence to constantly challenge the adaptability of your participants.

The Refense VR Training System comes with a selection of initial training scenarios that can be used to get started. These scenarios include non-player characters (NPCs) that move autonomously or by instructor command. With the Scenario Control Module, training instructors can control these NPCs more precisely, even speaking for them or becoming a physical opponent or civilian themselves. This allows for more lifelike training scenarios that still take place in the virtual world.

The Scenario Control Module also allows for scripted or directed sequences to be triggered within scenarios, such as gunshots leading to panic among NPCs who try to hide or flee the building. The arrival of police vehicles with sirens and lights can also cause delinquents to change their behavior. In the future, incoming vehicles could be used as a source of danger in outdoor scenarios, enabling training in checkpoint safeguarding and emergency response on highways.

The scenario control module is an important tool for directing custom scenarios tailored to the unique needs of our clients. The module can be localized and opens up new possibilities for creating more realistic training experiences.

With Scenario Control the instructor gets full control over what happens in the scenario and can dynamicly adjust the action of the training.