Feedback Module

Increase the reality of your training for participants to experience the environment in full with pain, wind, heat and scent.

The key challenge in virtual reality training is overcoming the limitations of virtuality to create experiences that are as close to reality as possible. Only by achieving a high level of immersion beyond the VR headset can trainees fully engage with the training scenario.

The Refense VR training system provides standardized feedback units that include pain, wind, and heat.

  • Pain feedback can replicate hits or injuries from weapons or hazards.
  • Wind feedback can simulate outdoor environments.
  • Heat feedback can replicate fires or heat from sources of fire.
  • Scent feedback enhances the immersion by applying subtle scents that would occur in the real-world scenario.

The ultimate goal is to optimize the learning effect for participants. The perception of actual sensations aids in the processing of new information and experiences, resulting in faster and more effective learning outcomes.

The Refense VR training system utilizes feedback modules to simulate all senses in virtual reality training.