Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a selection of frequently asked questions in order to facilitate your evaluation process. We hope to give you in this way a better understanding of our solutions. In case you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you.


General questions

How much do I pay for a system?

The cost of the Refense VR training system varies based on the specific modules and system size required by our clients. However, we offer a range of solutions to meet different budgets and requirements. Please inquire us for more details. 

How does Refense differ from other training systems?

The Refense VR training system offers a unique multi-user training experience without the limitations of traditional systems. Our platform allows you to move freely and train as you normally would, without the use of VR controllers or cables that can constrain movement. The tactical equipment we offer is identical to what you would use in real-life situations, allowing you to simulate training scenarios with the highest possible degree of realism. Our system provides a truly immersive and unparalleled training experience that can help you hone your skills and prepare for high-pressure situations.

What experiences have you had with real police training? 

The testing phase ended with a large training session with 750 police officers from the Zurich City Police in 2020. Since then, many police forces have regularly trained with our system either at our facility or theirs. Our experience comes from real-world training and the feedback that directly informs our development. Just recently February 2023 a training with 1320 officers has been completed and while we cannot quote our customer, we’re happy to bring you in touch.

Does Refense offer demos?

We can organize a demo for you in Switzerland or one of our customer sites. We also have a mobile system with which we can travel to you.

What distinguishes Refense?

We offer a multi-user training system without the limitations that other systems have. You move as you normally would in your training, without VR controllers or cables. The tactical equipment we offer is the same as you would use in real life.

What sizes of training systems do you offer?

Our training systems can be customized to fit the size and layout of each facility, ensuring that the training experience is optimized for the available space. While we can accommodate custom sizes, we generally recommend using our standard sizes to enable the exchange of scenarios between different units. Our standard sizes are S (11.5x11.5 m), M (11.5x21.5m), and L (21.5x21.5m). For small scenarios, we recommend a maximum of five participants per training session, while for large scenarios, 10 and more participants can train together in a single session. This ensures that every training session is fully utilized and that each participant receives individual attention from the instructors. We also offer multi-host systems that enable two separate training sessions simultaneously in the same training space.

Aren't backpack PCs an outdated technology?

We no longer offer backpack PCs, we have switched to a Wi-Fi streaming solution. The quality is even higher with a high-performance PC as a client.

Areas of application

What kind of training can I conduct with your system? 

Our customers currently conduct basic training, advanced training, and specialized unit training with our system.

What tactical / operational equipment can you offer? 

We customize the entire tactical equipment based on the specific project requirements. This means that we only integrate the lethal or non-lethal weapons that you need, which includes, but is not limited to: pistol, rifle, baton, flashlight, pepper spray, Conducted Energy Weapons (CEWs), handcuffs.

Which competencies can we train with Refense? 

As of today we train the following situations: life-threatening situations, active shooter training, hostage situations, anti-terrorism training, negotiation, de-escalation, domestic violence, stress management, unclear situations, intoxicated individuals, mentally ill individuals, house searches, house arrests. If you’d like to cover a training that is not listed we’re happy to discuss with you an extension to our system.

What advantages do I have compared to normal training?

Benefits of Refense compared to traditional training include the ability to train in scenarios that are difficult or expensive to simulate, such as active shooter situations, hostage scenarios, special forces training, and life-threatening situations. With no emissions during training, noise is contained within the system. Injuries are rare as no live ammunition is used during training (according to our statistics, the injury rate is 1 in 3000). During debriefings, all movements and sounds are recorded to provide quick and effective feedback. Effective training with multiple scenarios: within 60-90 minutes per group, three different scenarios can be performed in various environments with debriefings. Cost-effective: two instructors can effectively train hundreds of officers.

Training scenarios

How many scenarios do you have?

We distinguish between environments (where do I train?), content (what functions can I use in the environment?), and the story (what happens in the training?). These three components make up a scenario. The environments are unlimited, and you can create them yourself with the scenario editor or have us create them for you. The content database is continually being expanded with additional assets and functions.

Are the scenarios fixed or flexible? 

The scenarios are as flexible as possible, as each group you train may have different skills or experiences. To achieve a good learning effect, you need to provide the group with a sense of achievement after the second or third training. Therefore, the instructor can make a scenario spontaneously very difficult or very easy.

Can I create my own scenarios?

Yes, you can create your own scenarios using the Scenario Designer.

Is there an After Action Review?

Yes, everything that the police officers or trainees do during the training is recorded with motion capturing and audio from every angle. Overlays of the field of view and laser lines from the weapons make it easy to spot mistakes and provide feedback.


How many people can train together within the VR training system? 

It depends on the size of the training area. We recommend up to 5 people on an 11.5x11.5m area and up to 10 people on an 11.5x21.5m area. The larger the size, the more participants can train in a useful manner.

How  many instructors do I need to maintain the system?

We recommend training 2-3 of your personnel who will have a detailed understanding of the system, with one designated as the owner of the system (our main point of contact) and another as their backup. This should ensure that the system is well-maintained and any issues can be quickly resolved. Depending on your setup the instructors and people who maintain the system can be the same people. 

How much personnel do I need to operate the system?

2-3 instructors should be able to conduct role plays and operate the system. It depends on who you train, how many participants and how much throughput you need.

How much personnel do I need to operate the system?

Theoretically, 1 person, if the throughput is not an issue. However, since we recommend conducting role-playing scenarios and continuously using the system, we recommend 2-3 instructors.


Do you provide support?

Every system we sell comes with a support contract that provides assistance during business hours. Part of this support is provided by a partner in your language.

Do you keep the system secure?

As we sell a network and client/server system for small businesses, the system is kept secure and up-to-date with security and functional updates.

Are you looking for RFP participants?

If you are currently looking for participants for an RFP, please use the following form to notify us. We are happy to review the given requirements and follow up on your requests by participating in the RFP process. To ensure a timely response from our side, please provide us with the necessary documents or links that we can use to comply with the mandatory RFP framework.

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Evaluation Process

Every VR training solution is unique. However, we would like to help you in the evaluation of your Refense system by giving you a brief and simple overview to gain a better feeling about our solutions.