Service Agreement

Benefit from our 24/7 remote support to avoid training interruptions and ensure training at all times.

The Refense VR system is designed for robustness and reliability, but as with any technology, challenges and issues can arise. To ensure that any challenges are quickly and efficiently resolved, instructors on the client side are provided with a “first aid training” that equips them with simple steps for fixing the most common issues. In addition to this training, Refense VR system operators have access to our Premium Support Services that provide competent and timely support.

Premium Support offers phone and virtual access to our technical support service, and an onsite engineer to help troubleshoot and resolve any issues at hand. With these support services in place, Refense VR system operators can confidently overcome any challenge that arises, allowing them to achieve their training objectives with ease and efficiency.

We offer premium support and service agreements to meet your needs.