Format Magazine: Virtual Reality at the Zurich City Police

Article in German: Christoph Altmann and Andreas Capeder of the Zurich City Police write in Format Magazine about their experiences with virtual reality training.


"During the procurement of a replacement for the shooting theater of the Zurich City Police, one was confronted with the novel technology Virtual Reality (VR), in which great potential was recognized. Therefore, a project team was commissioned to develop an operational training scenario in a VR system in cooperation with a private company (Refense) and with scientific support from two universities. This scenario should show whether and to what extent VR represents an added value for police training. As a result, it can be stated that VR currently cannot replace "real training", but can complement it very well due to its advantages. With VR training, difficult and unusual missions can be trained and employees on the front line can be prepared for their real mission in the best possible way through practical training work. One of the most striking advantages is the higher learning effects compared to conventional teaching methods, which are achieved through virtual or simulated learning by doing as well as thanks to the better visualization possibilities of VR. Moreover, such solutions can be implemented at relatively low cost."

Format Magazine Virtual Reality bei der Stadtpolizei Zürich Altmann - Capeder
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